Local Muscle Film Festival - Film Maker Bios

The 3rd Annual "Local Love Muscle" Valentine's Day Film Festival brings Portland's finest filmmakers to Portland's favorite art house venue, SPACE Gallery. This year's festival will feature an unthemed selection of short films intended to intrigue, enchant, and delight -- so whether you're celebrating with your steady or just looking for a good time, join us for an entertaining evening of creative Portland at its best! 

Sunday February 16, 2014 7:30 pm - Space Gallery 538 Congress St Portland, ME 04103


We are excited to have the following wonderful filmmakers participating in this year's festival.


David Wallace                                                                                                                                                                    

David has been part of the Maine film scene (no pun intended) for the past 12 years, starting as an extra and then landing more significant and challenging roles.  His first starring role was in Goldshoe Productions’ Altering Conclusions.  He also appeared in Empty House Film’s Monster in the Woods, Mainiac Film’s Killing Toni and Bonfire Film’s The Barn. He has acted in numerous Portland 48-Hour films, had a recurring role in the web series Willard Beach, acted in USM and SMCC student films, and in several commercials.  He will be appearing in the yet-to-be-released web series, The Professionals.   In the Local Love Muscle Film festivals, he has directed teams that placed 3rd in 2012, and 2nd in 2013.  He hopes that his team’s submission, Formsby Investigates, will be in contention for a prize this year. David works by day in the exciting world of public education.



Alex M. Garnett

Alex M. Garnett is an aspiring filmmaker based in Portland, Maine. His skill set includes writing, directing, cinematography and editing. He has directed two films and has worked as the 1st assistant camera on multiple local short films.





Dan Gorham

Dan Gorham is an MC, DJ, writer, director, stand-up comic, actor, voiceover artist, and musician who grew up and currently lives in the suburbs of Boston. After receiving his degree in Communications/Writing/Psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, he lived in Aspen Colorado and Key West Florida, where he was on-air personality at WKRY Key West by day, and burger flipper at night.  He also MCed many events while in Key West, which led him to stand-up comedy. After intense pangs of homesickness for his native Boston, Dan moved back north, and worked as an MC and promoter for 93.7 FM, while also working in the Suffolk University Public Affairs Office and squeezing in comedy open mic nights when he could.  Dan transitioned his talents for performance and voice work into a career as an event DJ and MC, eventually expanding into his own business.

Dan is the owner of Gorham Productions Inc., a company he founded and runs, while continuing to DJ/MC events along with voice-over and on-camera work.  He has hosted the pilot “The World’s Best Home Cook,” played the lead in Daniel Garber’s “How I Broke My Leg and Fell in Love,” and played a tiny head in the crowd in “The Great Debaters.”  In his spare time, Dan tries to make his wife and two kids laugh, dabbles in singing/songwriting, and performs stand-up comedy in and around Boston.


David Rickards

David Rickards was born in a little town called Alderaan. Until it was ruthlessly destroyed by the Empire. Thus David and his family were refugees mixed into the population of Maine, where he has now come to call home. He has been into film since his high schools day and has enjoyed where his passion has taken him. Other than film David enjoys reading, long walks on the beach, and minecraft. He has since graduated from Southern Maine Community College and is pursuing his film and game design careers. He hopes you enjoy the films, every filmmaker worked so hard to get here.




Sean Martin

Sean Martin has been making films since he was 13 years old , and has yet to stop since. He has won a few awards through high school and college for his films IG-O-TA and Good Bye. Sean also created a screening back in December of 2011 to premiere his film Time & Redemption and some other local filmmakers films. The screening was sold out to over 200 people. Sean also made another film called Vigilance, which premiered at another sold out Maine film showcase called Maine Mayhem. As of late, Sean has been trying to make a living out of working in the Film and TV industry. He has worked on shows for networks like Animal Planet, Fox, National Geographic, PBS, ect. Some of the shows he’s worked on include, Puppy Bowl X, American Idol, and North Woods Law. As he continues to follow his career, he still strives to create his own work.