Eldercare Network of Lincoln County

Our Mission: To improve the way services are provided to Lincoln County elders, whatever their income, by creating homes that function like a regular household. Our Philosophy: ElderCare Network is committed to heart–of–the–village settings, where residents have many opportunities to be part of the community and to enjoy sociability with neighbors and friends. Our small care facilities or homes are appropriate in size and scale to the villages in which they are located.

Eldercare Network Open House

The Eldercare Network of Lincoln County Maine held an Open House to show the community the wide range of services they have to offer.

More Info: http:///www.eldercarenetwork.org/

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Eldercare Network provides small homes with personal attention for seniors. The purpose of these homes is to provide a loving and supportive environment where seniors with daily needs can be as active as possible in a place they can consider their own home.

More Info: http:///www.eldercarenetwork.org/

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Young At Heart Productions, a new program of Eldercare Network in Damariscotta, Maine, helps residents share their musical talent with friends and neighbors. Stage Director, Carol Teel, Producer Carol Schell and Singer Florence Barter talk about how the group helps keep them connected to their community.

More Info: http:///www.eldercarenetwork.org/