About Community Television Network

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Community Television Network is to educate, connect, inform and facilitate creativity through various aspects of video production for the entire greater Portland community regardless of skill level or means.

What is CTN?

CTN is a nonprofit organization that operates the public access television station, Channel 2, for the City of Portland and a community television station, Channel 5, for the greater Portland area.

Where can I see these channels?

Channel 2 is available on the Time Warner Cable system in Portland only.  Channel 5 is available on the Time Warner Cable system in the greater Portland area, and on the internet anywhere in the world at ctn5.org.  The greater Portland area includes Portland, South Portland, Peaks Island, Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth, Yarmouth, Chebeague Island, Gorham, Scarborough, Westbrook, North Yarmouth, Cumberland, Casco, Pownal, Gray, Raymond and New Gloucester. 

What is a public access television station?

A public access television station is usually a television station provided by a cable company through their franchise agreement with a municipality for the general public to use to exercise their free speech by producing programs about their opinions, their interests, local events, information, almost most anything.  Commercial and material with copyrights are prohibited.  In Portland, any resident of the City or nonprofit that provides services to Portland residents can access Channel 2.

What is a community television station?

Channel 5, as a community television station, came into existence through the same franchise agreement as a station that the municipal government could use.  Instead the City of Portland, as well as the other towns mentioned above, opened up the use of the station to nonprofit organizations in the area through a membership model.  Nonprofit organizations, for a nominal annual fee, can become members and access low cost production services and airtime that reaches 70,000 households.  Currently, CTN has over 80 nonprofit members, as well as several business and over 100 individual members.

How can I use Channel 2 the public access station?

There are three ways to use Channel 2.  If you have an announcement that affects people in Portland, you can have that announcement posted on the Channel 2 electronic bulletin board that airs between program blocks.  If you are a Portland resident or a Portland nonprofit and you have a video that you have the copyrights to and is not commercial, you can bring it into us, sign a release, and we will air it on Channel 2.  If you are a Portland resident or Portland nonprofit and you want to make a video to air on our station but don’t have your own equipment, you can come into CTN, take classes on the equipment you want to use, then use our equipment to make your video.  Classes usually cost a combination of money and volunteer time, and are priced to be affordable to everyone.  Once certified, your use of our equipment and airtime on Channel 2 is free.

What if I’m not a Portland resident?

If you would like producing videos, but you are not a Portland resident, CTN produces many programs for our members and can always used volunteers to help with the production.  You would still need to pay for the classes and become certified.  After you are certified, we will give you projects to work on.  We also have a number of volunteer opportunities that do not involve production work.  If you would like to have a video produced but want it produced professionally, we provided low cost professional production services.

What is CTN membership for nonprofits all about?

Nonprofits that are members of CTN have a video production department at their disposal.  For a very small annual fee, we will produce a 2-3 minute video about your organization, cover your events as a 5-minute news story, produce 5-minute interviews about your upcoming events, news stories and interviews will air between our programs and be available to you on YouTube, produce a 30-second to 1-minute PSA about your organization to air during our station breaks, video tape your events where a single speaker is presenting and offer you 15% discount on all other production services. These benefits give your organization access to over 70,000 households in the greater Portland area.