Dear Friend of Community Television Network,

“You can tell a lot about a community by the quality of its institutions”

This quote, from a long time Community Television Network donor, brought to mind one of many stories that make our institution special.

Last month, in our studio class, a young man from the Congo told us how he saw members of his family killed with machetes and then was abandoned at the age of 8—wandering the streets looking for food and a place to sleep. Now he’s here in Portland, thriving with the help of some of Portland’s many wonderful institutions, including CTN.

Usually people take the studio class twice to get it right, but because of his language skills, that night was this young man’s fourth class. But he is improving due to his perseverance. And, most important of all, he is safe to exercise his right to free speech and is learning a skill that will help him better communicate in the world outside our four walls.

His story is only one of many that we encounter at CTN. The names and circumstances may be different, but the desire to learn, to communicate, to be heard, to be a part of this community is what brings people from a broad spectrum of our society through our doors each day. From the new Mainers, to the executives, from the professional filmmakers to the college interns, from the realists to the visionaries, Portlanders have kept CTN relevant.

Community Television Network has provided an open platform for free speech, a meeting place for creative discussion, classes to learn the skills to create quality video, and a venue to practice them in.

I hope this holiday season you will consider a donation to help us continue to keep our doors open to the possibilities that await all who walk through the door at 516 Congress Street.

Tom Handel
Executive Director